Brodie's One Year Old!!!
My Doggie Guests
My People Guests
It's Cake Time
We're All Pooped!

My Mom threw me a great surprise party for my first birthday.
There was lots of goodies for everyone. Me and my doggie guests had
White Castle Hamburgers and the people guests had taquitos, calzones,
poppers, chips and veggies (we had some of those too).
The cake was terrific too. Thanks for all the wonderful presents.
I got a really neat soccer ball (sorry I broke it Steve), some tennis balls,
a banana nylabone, a kong toy on a rope, a rubber pacifer (yeah Mom, I know I'm
still your baby), a stuffed dumbbell and a rocketbal. I also got some great
tasting treats and a new bowl and placemat. I love playing with all the toys
and eating all the delicious treats you got me. Venus thanks those that
brought her toys and treats so she wouldn't feel left out.
Thank you all for coming and helping me celebrate.
Hope you all had as good a time as I did!!!!

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