Brodie's First Birthday Party ~ His People Guests

Brodie and Venus play with Grandma, Doris

Brodie and Ryan having fun together

Steve sure has Ripley's attention

Grady and Ripley trying to get a treat from Brenda

Alexa and Adrienne worked at Brodie's Day Care ~ He was thrilled to see them again!

Brenda and Alisha try to sneak some people snacks while the dogs are playing, but Ripley and Grady catch on!

Ceasar thanks Mom Chaundra for bringing him to the party

Venus and Ali take a break together

Justin plays with Nakita, Grady and Venus

Aaron, Ali and Steve take a break and just watch the action

Brenda with Ripley, Grady and Venus

Brodie plays ball with Ali

Justin and Ryan took a break from the doggie action to compare cell phones

Brodie and Nakita play while Grandma watches

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