Brodie's CCL Surgery

Weeks Six through Eight of Recovery

Week 6: Brodie and his water therapist, Cindy, at La Paw Spa. Brodie is always very serious about his swimming, as you can see from his expression. Cindy says that most flat-nosed dogs she has worked with stop breathing through their noses and hold their breath when they do the swimming exercise, but Brodie continues to breathe normally. She thinks that is excellent, especially with all the trouble Brodie has had with his nose.

Week 6: Venus waits for her turn in the water with Grandma Doris.

Week 7: Brodie's incision is barely even noticeable at 6-1/2 weeks.

Week 7: Brodie contemplates his recovery so far. His knee is getting stronger day by day. He is pretty much full weight bearing now. He lifts his good leg when he goes potty and stands on the surgery leg. There's hardly a trace of a limp at all.

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