Brodie's CCL Surgery

Weeks Two and Three of Recovery

Day 8: Last night was the first night in Mom's bed. We have all been sleeping on the living room up to now. The mattress is on the floor and another shorter mattress is in front so it's easier for Brodie to get up on the bed. Of course, once on the bed, he was in heaven and didn't leave until the morning.

Brodie spends all day in his area of the living room. He has his choice of two doggie beds but likes the fleece lined orthopedic bed the best.

Brodie's Grandma came over and helped take care of Brodie today. She massaged the fluid pocket in his ankle which really helped. It also put Brodie in his "psycho dog" routine where he rolls around on his back. It's so funny to watch. She also put some warm packs on his ankle. The fluid pocket is almost gone. Let's hope it doesn't come back!

Day 9: Brodie had a session with Michelle Downing, a canine massage therapist (she does humans too). He seemed to really enjoy it.

Brodie's Grandma helped out and watched closely so we could both do some range of motion exercises with him.

Brodie was pretty pooped after his massage session. This is one of his favorite positions. I don't see how it can be comfortable, but it must be.

Day 10: On one of Brodie's potty walks, he sits down by his Teeter and asks if he can play. Maybe in a couple months Brodie!

Brodie's incision today. Still some bruising and hopefully not a sign of infection. I have an email in to the surgeon just to put my mind at ease. He has not experienced any oozing froom the incision nor is it hot, so I think that is a good sign.

A closer view of Brodie's incision today.

Day 12: Brodie enjoys his Booda Bone. All is well with his incision and leg.

Day 14: Brodie loves his special water dish.

Day 15: Brodie had his stitches removed today. Dr. Roberti said his incision looked great and that she was pleased how well he was using his leg. She also cautioned me that he will probably have to have the other knee done since there was evidence that there was a partial tear in that one too. However, he hasn't shown any signs of limping on that leg so we have our fingers and paws crossed. His weigh-in did not go that well though. Still 80 lbs. No weight loss despite a reduced diet. Better than weight gain though. We'll keep working at it.

Day 19: Brodie lays in his crate in his ex-pen. Venus always stays close to Brodie.

Day 19: Brodie is not too happy about being confined but he is making the best of it.

Day 19: Venus, always the opportunist, sneaks a trip into Brodie's crate while Brodie is outside.

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