Brodie's CCL Surgery

Week One of Recovery

Day 1: Brodie is released the day after the surgey wearing a big black bandage (to keep up the tough guy image). He is already toe touching with his surgery leg. What a trooper!

Brodie with 4th year student Danielle.

Brodie in his crate in the car getting ready for the 5 hour drive back home from Pullman.

Brodie is home and resting in his x-pen.

He loves his new orthopedic bed.

Day 2: Brodie slept well during the first night, Here, Venus checks on her brother.

Venus gets a little special time with Brodie. They get along really well and she looked so sad on the other side of the x-pen. I've been spending the nights in the x-pen along with Brodie and Venus and we have all been doing really well. Not as comfy as the bed, but it will work.

Day 3: Brodie's bandages came off today. Without the support, he is walking more gingerly on it. I tried to do some range of motion exercises but it was very painful to him, so I will try again tomorrow. Otherwise he is doing very well. Sleeping and eating normally.

A close-up of his incision. Looking pretty good.

Luckily, Brodie has been pretty content with just resting in his x-pen in the living room. I try to spend lots of time with him so he doesn't get too lonely.

Day 4: Another good night for Brodie and Venus.

Here's Brodie wearing his Surgi-Sox. It's a pet lift system made of Corium so it is breathable. It helps me get Brodie up the stairs. He is still being carried down, but I have a call into a carpenter to have a ramp built from my second story deck to my backyard. That would be a back saver!

Brodie's incision is a bit more red today but still looking real good. Not too much swelling of his leg. He is using his leg very well when we got out for potty breaks.

Day 5: Brodie developed a fluid pocket in his ankle today. And just when you think all is going well.

But, he still has a wonderful attitude!

His incision still looks good...just some bruising that makes it look so red.

Day 6: Brodie's incision continues to improve every day.

Day 7: On one of three potty breaks a day, Brodie checks out a fern.

Brodie still has the fluid pocket around his ankle so he got one of his beloved Bully Sticks so that Mom could massage and apply a warm pack to it.

Brodie is trying to be all cute thinking it will get him sprung from "prison". Not a chance Brodie! Sorry Baby!

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